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June 28, 2012

[PyMOL] Draw Goodsell-like view using GLSL

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There is a new post in Pymol user mailing list showing an approach to draw the “Goodsell-like” molecule. The most famous Goodsell molecular images are the “Molecule of the month” at PDB-101. Dr. Goodsell also provides online version of images used in his book: “The Machinery of Life“.

That detail of Goodsell-like presentation in pymol is available at PyMOLWiki. It mainly uses GLSL rendering technique. I practiced several times and found out that my MacPyMOL version (2 years old) is not able to run such rendering (OpenGL only..). Therefore I used macports to install PyMOL 1.5 (run under X11).

There may be a wrong description at PyMOLWiki — I rename the “sphere.fs” to “sphere.fs.bak” and copy and save the author’s code (at PyMOLWiki) as “sphere.fs” (not shaders.fs).

Here is another 2 tries I have done using PDB files 2Y1M and 2WCC for top 2 figures and the bottom DNA figure, respectively.


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