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August 14, 2007

[DOC]python course in bioinformatics

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I am learning python now.  It’s a nice and more powerful tool than the UN*X tools. For example, awk can’t deal with “absolute value”, therefore I have to hack a fuction to remove/add a “-” sign to perform this kinda calcuation. Python definitely provides more numeric functions. Similar to shell script and perl, python is easy to learn and is useful for my daily work. There is a very great example I found on the website.

Clike here, you can see the full content of “python course in bioinformatics”.The author also provides PDF file.  I read the first two chapters and found many excellent examples that stimulate me a lots of ideas to work on my current projects. I should spend few weeks to learn python and rewrite most of the shell scripts I made in python code.


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