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April 11, 2012

change display font/size in Sparky

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The default font size of Sparky in my 13″ macbook is way big thus I have to move spectrum windows around or move some spectra windows to other desktop. Here is a solution to reduce the font size and the default display sizes of “pointer mode”, “Sparky main window” and individual windows will be smaller (because font is smaller..).

Example of Sparky MacOSX version (should be similar to Linux version):

1. found the path of installed Sparky. My sparky was extracted and moved to “/Applications”.

2. Go the Sparky-home/Contents/Resources/lib (the path in Linux version may be different, however, I don’t have linux machine with me, can’t provide example path of it)

3. edit the file “Sparky” (using vi or nedit, for example), ¬†find a section about “Fonts” and change the fonts/size. Personally I like font size = 10.

=== The example of the Fonts section in this lib/Sparky ¬†file”=====

! Fonts
! normalFont: for labels, buttons, menus, axis scales, res panels …
! fixedWidthFont: for lists where columns should line up
! scalableFont: for contour plot assignment labels
Sparky.normalFont: -family lucida -size 10
Sparky.fixedWidthFont: -family courier -size 10
Sparky.scalableFont: -family courier


The two figures shown below are displayed with font sizes 10 (top) and 16 (bottom). Smaller font size in Sparky clearly uses less space in the whole desktop. (the two windows are equally scaled–see same size of window title “Sparky 3.115”)


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