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April 14, 2011

[NMRPipe]–making a 3D cube

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***NOTE on April 20****

The nmrCube.tcl has been included in the new version of NMRPipe package and it can label axis, tics and tic values now.

New post is available to show to changes.


On Feb 18th, an user asked whether there are ways to make a 3D cube of NMR data at the NMRPipe discussion group at Yahoo. Frank Delaglio, the author of NMRPipe, provided a very very nice script to generate the cube. The script is pasted in this post and user can copy it, save it (e.g. nmrCube.tcl) and chmod a+x nmrCube.tcl to make it executable.

I have example pictures showing at here using my 15N-edited NOESY-Hsqc spectrum.

The default colors for background and foreground are black and white, respectively. nmrCube.tcl will draw multi-color peaks in the cube based on the 15N frequency. Here is the example:

I modify the script by changing the default colors (shown in red in the script at here) and run the script like this way:
/path/nmrCube.tcl -hi 5.0e+5 -colors red (fix height and color all peaks in red). The cube is then looked like this way:

So far, no ways for labeling axis and rotation.

===== copy the script and save it as nmrCube.tcl to run ==========

# The next line restarts using nmrWish \
exec nmrWish “$0” — “$@”

set auto_path “[split $env(TCLPATH) :] $auto_path”
set ARGV [concat $argv0 $argv]
set ARGC [llength $ARGV]

if {[info exists env(NMRTXT)]} \
set tStr ” ($env(NMRTXT)/rgb.txt).”
} \
else \
set tStr “.”

if {[flagLoc $ARGV -help]} \
puts “Draw a Simple Static 3D Cube Display of NMRPipe-Format 3D Data:”
puts ” -in inName \[ft/test%03d.ft3\] 3D Spectrum to Draw.”
puts ” -hi hi \[1.0e+5\] Contour Height.”
puts “Spectral Orientation for Drawing :”
puts ” -xName xName \[X_AXIS\] Spectral Axis Name for Plot X-Axis.”
puts ” -yName yName \[Y_AXIS\] Spectral Axis Name for Plot Y-Axis.”
puts ” -zName zName \[Z_AXIS\] Spectral Axis Name for Plot Z-Axis.”
puts “Drawing Sizes:”
puts ” -cxSize cxSize \[400\] Plot X-Axis Size, Pixels.”
puts ” -czSize cySize \[400\] Plot Y-Axis Size, Pixels.”
puts ” -czSize czSize \[Auto\] Plot Z-Axis Size, Pixels.”
puts ” -xAdj xAdj \[16\] Window Horizontal Offset, Pixels.”
puts ” -yAdj yAdj \[32\] Window Vertical Offset, Pixels.”
puts “Drawing Colors:”
puts ” -colors cList \[red …\] List of Colors for Spectral
puts ” -fgColor fg \[white\] Forground Color (for Box Outlines).”
puts ” -bgColor bg \[black\] Background Color.”
puts “Notes:”
puts ” 1. The graphic produced is a simple stack of fixed-sized 2D”
puts ” plots with a linear offset.”
puts ” 2. Use ‘-colors multi’ for spectral colors selected according”
puts ” to intensity rather than Z-Axis position.”
puts ” 3. See file ‘rgb.txt’ in the NMRPipe ‘nmrtxt’ directory for valid”
puts ” colors$tStr”
exit 0

set inName ft/test%03d.ft3
set hi 1.0e+5

set tMargin 40
set bMargin 120
set lMargin 40
set rMargin 120

set cxSize 400
set cySize 400
set czSize Auto

set xAdj 16
set yAdj 32

set bgColor white #was black
set fgColor black # was white
set colorA black # was white
set colorS white # was black

set xName X_AXIS
set yName Y_AXIS
set zName Z_AXIS

set colorList {red orange yellow green blue cyan orchid}

getArgD $ARGV -in inName
getArgD $ARGV -hi hi

getArgD $ARGV -xName xName
getArgD $ARGV -yName yName
getArgD $ARGV -zName zName

getArgD $ARGV -tMargin tMargin
getArgD $ARGV -bMargin bMargin
getArgD $ARGV -rMargin rMargin
getArgD $ARGV -lMargin lMargin

getArgD $ARGV -cxSize cxSize
getArgD $ARGV -cySize cySize
getArgD $ARGV -czSize czSize

getArgD $ARGV -xAdj xAdj
getArgD $ARGV -yAdj yAdj

getArgD $ARGV -bgColor bgColor
getArgD $ARGV -fgColor bgColor
getArgD $ARGV -colorA colorA
getArgD $ARGV -colorS colorS

getListArgD $ARGV -colors colorList


wm geom . +$xAdj+$yAdj
wm title . $inName

# Check input and its number of planes:

set thisName [format $inName 1]

if {![file exists $thisName]} \
puts stderr “Error Finding 3D Input $inName”
exit 1

set error [rdFDATA $thisName fdata]

if {$error} \
puts stderr “Error Reading Header from 3D Input $inName”
exit 1

set dimCount [getParmI $fdata FDDIMCOUNT NULL_DIM]
set zSize [getParmI $fdata NDSIZE CUR_ZDIM]

if {$dimCount != 3 || $zSize < 1} \
puts stderr “3D Drawing Error: Data is not 3D.”
exit 1

# Create the graphics area:

if {![strcasecmp $czSize Auto]} {set czSize [expr int(0.25*($cxSize + $cySize))]}

set wxSize [expr $bMargin + $lMargin + $cxSize + $czSize]
set wySize [expr $tMargin + $bMargin + $cySize + $czSize]

canvas .c -width $wxSize -height $wySize -border 0
pack .c -in . -side top -expand 1 -fill both

button .q -text Quit -command exit
pack .q -in . -side top -expand 1 -fill x


.c create pixmap 0 0 -width $wxSize -height $wySize -win 1

# Draw the planes:

set nC [llength $colorList]

if {!$nC} \
set colorList white
set nC 1

set cxn [expr 1 + $wxSize – $rMargin]
set cx1 [expr 1 + $cxn – $cxSize]

set cyn $tMargin
set cy1 [expr $cyn + $cySize – 1]

set iz 1

set xOff [expr int(double($czSize)*($zSize – $iz)/($zSize – 1))]
set yOff [expr int(double($czSize)*($zSize – $iz)/($zSize – 1))]

set tx1 [expr $cx1 – $xOff]
set txn [expr $cxn – $xOff]

set ty1 [expr $cy1 + $yOff]
set tyn [expr $cyn + $yOff]

drawRec -win 1 -x 0% 100% -y 0% 100% -fg $bgColor
drawBox -win 1 -x $cx1 $cxn -y $cy1 $cyn -fg $fgColor

drawLine -win 1 -x $tx1 $cx1 -y $ty1 $cy1 -fg $fgColor
drawLine -win 1 -x $txn $cxn -y $ty1 $cy1 -fg $fgColor

for {set iz $zSize} {$iz >= 1} {incr iz -1} \
set xOff [expr int(double($czSize)*($zSize – $iz)/($zSize – 1))]
set yOff [expr int(double($czSize)*($zSize – $iz)/($zSize – 1))]
set ic [expr int(double($nC)*($zSize – $iz)/($zSize – 1))]

if {$ic > $nC – 1} {set ic [expr $nC – 1]}
set color [lindex $colorList $ic]

set tx1 [expr $cx1 – $xOff]
set txn [expr $cxn – $xOff]

set ty1 [expr $cy1 + $xOff]
set tyn [expr $cyn + $xOff]

readROI -ndim 2 -roi 1 -in $inName \
-x $xName 0% 100% -y $yName 0% 100% -dz $zName $iz 0

defineCell -win 1 -cell 1 -x $tx1 $txn -y $ty1 $tyn
defineCell -win 1 -cell 1 -x $tx1 $txn -y $ty1 $tyn

drawROI -win 1 -cell 1 -roi 1 -win 1 \
-hi $hi -bg None -fg None -nobox -color1 $color -color2 $color


drawLine -win 1 -x $tx1 $cx1 -y $tyn $cyn -fg $fgColor
drawLine -win 1 -x $txn $cxn -y $tyn $cyn -fg $fgColor
drawBox -win 1 -x $tx1 $txn -y $ty1 $tyn -fg $fgColor



  1. […] week, I posted a blog article that we can make a cube of 3D NMR data but that scripts (at that time) can not draw the labels/axis […]

    Pingback by Cube view of 3D NMR data « My software notes — April 20, 2011 @ 5:19 pm | Reply

  2. ./nmrCube.tcl
    dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/nmr/lib/libtk8.4.dylib
    Referenced from: /Applications/NMRPipeX/nmrbin.mac/nmrWish
    Reason: image not found
    Trace/BPT trap

    How to troubleshoot this?

    Comment by gery — September 25, 2015 @ 7:04 am | Reply

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