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June 27, 2007

Yeah! PyMOL 1.0 was released

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As some of you have noticed, PyMOL 1.0 is out (at last!).  Though it lacks
many of the features and enhancements I had hoped to deliver in the big
“1.0”, we were long overdue for a major release and so the line was drawn.

For those of you new to PyMOL within the past year or so, our software
releases are a relatively low-key event:  The last thing we want is for
everyone to race out and download the latest version, suddenly to discover
some horrendous bug right in the middle of orals or a critical corporate
presentation.  No, no, not that!

Instead, we ask people to gradually ease into new versions at a safe time &
place, while reporting any problems that come up so that we can quickly fix
the source and builds before too many other folks encounter them.  In terms
of features, PyMOL 1.0 is not a huge leap beyond the latest 1.0 beta builds,
but there were some last minute tweaks, so please do use caution.

So far, so good: the 1.0r0 builds appear stable, and current sponsors can
download builds from <>.  Non-sponsors are welcome to
pull & compile the open-source code from the Subversion repository hosted at
SourceForge <>.  Free educational-use-only builds of
PyMOL 1.0 will be released in early August, before the start of the fall

The other big announcement is the opening of our official documentation
site, which has also been in the works for over a year.  As opposed to the
PyMOL Community Wiki, this read-only resource at <> is
something you need a paid subscription to access, and it also involves a
somewhat tedious email-based registration & login process.  I apologize in
advance for that inconvenience.

However, if your company or institution maintains an entity-wide PyMOL
subscription, then we can simply reverse-DNS through your whole domain so
that you and all your colleagues can access documentation without logging
in, much the same way transparent entity-wide access is granted for
scientific journals.

By the way, if you are thinking of sponsoring the effort or of renewing an
existing subscription, please do look into whether we might all save time &
effort by going entity-wide.  Processing of individual and/or laboratory
subscriptions takes precious time & resources away from development and
documentation relative to broader subscriptions.  Plus, in addition to
saving paperwork, entity-wide subscriptions can potentially benefit a much
larger base of users at a much lower per-user cost.

So a hearty “thank you” to everyone who has made PyMOL possible over the
past 7 years, whether at the individual, laboratory, departmental,
corporate, or institutional level.  Although I do not have permission to
name most PyMOL sponsors, they include many top universities, research
institutes, pharmaceutical companies, and biotech giants, as well as a wide
assortment of startup companies, laboratories, and individuals.  Thanks also
to the contributors of various open-source components and capabilities!
Together we are all working together to ensure that PyMOL continues to
thrive under terms that remain compatible with the open-source code.


Warren L. DeLano, Ph.D.
DeLano Scientific LLC

Sponsorship info at


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