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May 1, 2007

gnuplot, installed on OS X

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Today, tried to combine shell script and xmgr or gnuplot to generate a lot of figures. I am lazy to process by excel, pro-fit or other graphical programs, and I don’t care about the quality at first round. The shorter time I spend on the data processing, the better solution I want.

Thus, I decide to use gnuplot. The scriptable program is nice and easy to learn. It’s tricky to install gnuplot on OS X, especially when you already install NMRPipe. NMRPipe provide older gnuplot 3.5 which can’t do fitting and miss many new functions. I use “sudo mv $NMRPIPE_HOME/nmrbin.mac/gnuplot” to rename it. Besides that, after installing GnuPlot 4.0 for mac and AquaTerm, there is an extra step required. The AquaTerm I download is 1.0.1 version, but it’s not working for gnuplot, just need to make a softlink by this way (see reference):

Open the Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal) and ...
            ...$ cd /usr/local/lib/
            ...$ sudo ln -s libaquaterm.1.0.1.dylib libaquaterm.1.0.0.dylib

Then call gnuplot (/usr/local/bin/gnuplot) if you don’t refresh your shell, the default gnuplot will be 3.5 because NMRPipe installed it.

The tricky link I learned is from

Also, here is a very good tutorial site for gnuplot newbie:

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