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April 6, 2007

Protein NMR Spectroscopy: Principles and Practice

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protein nmr spectroscopyHonestly, this book is really a “bible” for people doing NMR. I learned most of my NMR knowledge by reading this book in 2001. I still remember that moment that KM and I spent every Wednesday night to discuss the content of each chapter.

The one I had read was first edition which was published in 1996. In Jan. 2007, I finally got the second edition from amazon after the pre-ordered I made in Aug. 2006. The new edition adds lots of new NMR techs e.g. RDC, TROSY, slow motion dynamics and so on.

In summary, this is really a good book and a NMR person should keep it in hand as a tool book and a reference book. Dr. Palmer also constructs a website to provide the update, errata and other information about this book. The URL is here:

Author: John Cavanagh, Wayne J. Fairbrother, Arthur G. Palmer, III, Nicholas J. Skelton, Mark Rance
Format: Hardcover, 854 pages
Publication Date: November 2006
Publisher: Academic Press
Dimensions:9.25″H x 6.25″W x 1.75″D; 2.84 lbs.
ISBN-10: 012164491X
ISBN-13: 9780121644918
List Price: $86.95

Elsevier/Academic press
amazon link

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