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March 1, 2007

Run NMRPipe/NMRDraw on a Windows XP PC?

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Yes, there is an exciting news from NMRPipe Yahoo discussion forum.
NMRPipe author, Dr. Frank Delaglio announced an e-mail about the information. The email content is pasted in this blog article. See blow:


Dear Colleagues,

Exciting news, we have an experimental version of NMRPipe
for Windows XP Professional Edition (HUZZAH!!!) This new
version is posted with the others at the NMRPipe download site.

This implementation of NMRPipe requires that users first install
Microsoft Services for UNIX 3.5, and an X11 graphics server.

Some more details follow, taken from the install README file …

Cheerful Regards,

big FD



NMRPipe for Windows XP Pro (Interix/SFU 3.5)

NOTE WELL: this is an EXPERIMENTAL release of NMRPipe for Windows XP
Pro which makes use of Microsoft Windows “Services for UNIX” (SFU
3.5). According to Microsoft, there are aspects of the installation and
use of SFU 3.5 that can effect system usability and security. So,
for the time being, we recommend that only users who are familiar
with both UNIX and PC system management try this release.

BACKGROUND: Microsoft currently provides a Windows-based UNIX
environment (Interix), called “Services for UNIX” (SFU). At the
time of this writing, SFU 3.5 can be downloaded at no charge from
the Microsoft web site. This download provides a comprehensive UNIX
environment that can be installed under Windows XP Professional Edition.

Information on Windows Services for UNIX Version 3.5:

SFU 3.5 Download:

There is now an experimental version of NMRPipe for Windows XP which
REQUIRES that users FIRST install Microsoft Services for UNIX 3.5,
and a suitable X11 graphics server with the needed fonts. The steps
involved follow, with more details below:

1. Download and install Microsoft SFU 3.5 from the Microsoft web site.

2. Install and run a PC X11 graphics server.

3. From the SFU “C-shell” window, start an “xterm” terminal
window. In order to use the “xterm” command, you will
might first have to set the DISPLAY environment variable
manually; later on, this can be established automatically
via “.cshrc”. To set the DISPLAY manually, type:

setenv DISPLAY

4. In the “xterm” terminal window, follow the usual “”
procedure for installing NMRPipe. If desired, you can include
the special option “+sfu” to customize the SFU UNIX environment
and create a default home directory and “.cshrc” automatically:

./ /dev/fs/C/nmr +sfu /dev/fs/C/frank

5. Once NMRPipe is installed, commands and programs should
generally be executed from an “xterm” terminal window,
although most will work equally well from the SFU “C-shell”


This version of NMRPipe can only be used on systems where SFU 3.5
can be installed. According to information from Microsoft, SFU 3.5
requires Windows XP Professional Edition, and can also be used
with certain other versions of Windows, such as Windows 2000 Service
Pack 4. You can also search the web for specific information and
tips on installing SFU 3.5 on various systems.


In order to use the graphical components of NMRPipe, an X11
graphics server must be running, and it must provide the lucida
and open look fonts as used by “nmrDraw”. There are several
commercial X11 graphics servers which run on Windows-based PCs:
including those from “” and “”.

For building and testing this version of NMRPipe, we used the
Xming X11 graphics server and Xming-fonts package. If you use
this, be sure to download and install BOTH the server and the fonts
package … it’s also a nice idea to MAKE a little DONATION to the
author of this useful software:



  1. Actually,good post. thx

    Comment by QFDaniel — January 11, 2010 @ 9:03 am | Reply

  2. Hello and thanks for the post. I am a little confused about step number 2:

    “Install and run a PC X11 graphics server.” – where should I get one?

    -NMR Wiki man.

    Comment by Evgeny — March 3, 2010 @ 1:36 pm | Reply

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