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January 25, 2007

My macbook software list

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This is just a list showing some alternative programs I am using in Mac OX (10.4).
Definitely, you can use all of them to do regular work instead of paying lots of money to buy all commercial software.

  1. Office
    –> OpenOffice
  2. Drawing
    –> InkScape (installed, but removed. Not quit fit my needs)
    –> Expression 3
    –> Xara LX (Expecting, only Linux version is avilable now)
    –> GIMP
    –> Duck
  4. Web browser
    –> FireFox
    –> Opella
  5. NMR data process and analysis
    –> Sparky
    –> NMRPipe
    –> NMRView (aqua/ Java)
    –> Cara
  6. Molecular Viewer
    –> PyMol (hybrid (using X11) / Aqua)
    –> MOLMOL (using X11)
  7. Math and Graphs
    –> Pro Fit (trial version, but completely same as standard version)
    –> Grace (also called xmgr, need Fink)


  1. Im a novice using CARA. How do you compare the functionality between CARA and NMRView? Which one do you prefer? I am having problem to install MOLMOL in MacOSX. The README.UNIX file is not comprehensive enough for me to follow. Could you teach me how to install? My email address is Will be very grateful^^

    Comment by Leo Wong — September 18, 2007 @ 7:38 am | Reply

  2. Currently, I use multiple NMR analysis programs (NMRPipe, NMRview, CARA, and Sparky) depends on the work. Cara is good for sequential assignment and NMRViewJ is improved a lot by the author recently. I don’t want to begin a “war” regarding the programs. Any program that helps you do data analysis is good. To me, I always use Sparky to do 2D data analysis and use Cara to do 3D strips analysis.

    For installing MOLMOL on a Mac machine, please use Fink to install it. It’s quick and no pain.

    Comment by kpwu — September 18, 2007 @ 8:59 am | Reply

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