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January 25, 2007

My macbook software list

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This is just a list showing some alternative programs I am using in Mac OX (10.4).
Definitely, you can use all of them to do regular work instead of paying lots of money to buy all commercial software.

  1. Office
    –> OpenOffice
  2. Drawing
    –> InkScape (installed, but removed. Not quit fit my needs)
    –> Expression 3
    –> Xara LX (Expecting, only Linux version is avilable now)
    –> GIMP
    –> Duck
  4. Web browser
    –> FireFox
    –> Opella
  5. NMR data process and analysis
    –> Sparky
    –> NMRPipe
    –> NMRView (aqua/ Java)
    –> Cara
  6. Molecular Viewer
    –> PyMol (hybrid (using X11) / Aqua)
    –> MOLMOL (using X11)
  7. Math and Graphs
    –> Pro Fit (trial version, but completely same as standard version)
    –> Grace (also called xmgr, need Fink)

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